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Following is a complete text listing of all books with links to their corresponding detail pages.

1Exploring Galveston2017 by Steve K. Alexander
2Ghosts of Galveston2016 by Kathleen Shanahan Maca
3From Maine to Galveston2016 by James Valentino
4Galveston Art League2016 by Pat Jakobi
5Sea-Arama Marineworld2016 by Tim Gould
6Vamps, Villains and Vaudeville2015 by Ellen Mansoor Collier
7Galveston's Tree Carvings2015 by Joseph R. Pellerin
8The Voices of the Descendants2015 by Ervin Mendlovitz
9We Were Prepared2015 by Frank Urbanic
10Disabled David vs. Goliath2015 by Jeffrey Alan Williamson
11Forsaken Patriot2015 by Marshall Riggan
12Ledbetter Street2015 by Susan P. Baker
13Growing Up in Galveston, Texas2015 by Kelton D. Sams, Jr.
14Saving Jake2015 by A. Hardy Roper
15A Dickens of a Miracle2015 by Diane L. Twilley
16The Bolivar Peninsula2015 by Dr. Melanie Wallace
17Murder on the Seawall2015 by Larry Watts
18The Texas Railroad2015 by Wayne Cline
19Greetings From Galveston2015 by E. Barry Gray
20The Storm of the Century2015 by Al Roker
21Civil War Blockade Running on the Texas Coast2014 by Andrew W. Hall
22Lighthouses of Texas2014 by Steph McDougal
23Secrets of the Storm2014 by Amanda Albright Still
24The Promise2014 by Ann Weisgarber
25Afloat on a Full Sea2014 by Evelyn Joann Russell
26Texas Birding Trails2014 by Jim Foster
27Looking Over the Gray-Green Bay2014 by James Valentino
28Galveston: Beyond the Beach2014 by Darcie Malphrus-Schlegel
29Island Undertow2014 by Rick Young
30Galveston's Maceo Family Empire2014 by T. Nicole Boatman
31Gold Diggers, Gamblers and Guns2014 by Ellen Mansoor Collier
32Taken by Storm2014 by Ann M. Pearson
33Ransom Island2014 by Miles Arceneaux
34Tony Buzbee: Defining Moments2014 by Michael Lee Lanning
35The Galveston That Was2014 by Howard Barnstone
36Henry Sampson and the Great Galveston Storm2014 by William Merrell
37Galvez / Spain: Our Forgotten Ally2014 by Judge Ed Butler
38The Drowning House2013 by Elizabeth Black
39Astrodome Murders2013 by Diane L. Twilley
40Me and the Mexican Gunboats2013 by William L. Payne
41Birdlife of Galveston2013 by Jim Stevenson
42The Port of Houston2013 by Mark Lardas
43Long Fall from Heaven2013 by George Wier
44Lighthouses, Lightships, & Beacons of Texas2013 by Richard S. Hall
45Haunted Galveston2013 by Amy Matsumoto
46City of the Dead2013 by T. Neill Anderson
47The Promise2013 by Ann Weisgarber
48Galveston: Playground of the Southwest2013 by W. Dwayne Jones
49Treasures: Art + Life2013 by Fischer S. Bessi
50The Drowning House2013 by Elizabeth Black
51The Storm After2013 by Gina Hooten Popp
52Galveston 1900: Indignities2013 by N. E. Brown
53Suggestion of Death2013 by Susan P. Baker
54The Ice Merchant2013 by Paul Boor
55Bathing Beauties, Booze and Bullets2013 by Ellen Mansoor Collier
56Brides of the Storm2013 by Amanda Albright Still
57Galveston Chronicles2013 by Donald Willett
58African Americans of Galveston2013 by Tommie D. Boudreaux
59Galveston and the Civil War2012 by James M. Schmidt
60Flappers, Flasks and Foul Play2012 by Ellen Mansoor Collier
61Portrait of Houston2012 by Kathy Adams Clark
62Galveston 19002012 by Ervin Mendlovitz
63The Devil's Odds2012 by Milton T. Burton
64Sky Blue Dragonfly2012 by Daralyn Brody
65Coastal Visions2012 by Robert Mihovil
66Ruby's Passing2012 by Steven Long
67Maude Brown's Baby2012 by Richard Cunningham
68Queen of the Waves2012 by Lisa Marie Bossier
69Charcoal and Chalk2012 by Flora Beach Burlingame
70The Galveston-Houston Packet2012 by Andrew W. Hall
71The Man Who Saved the Whooping Crane2012 by Kathleen Kaska
72The Galveston Chronicles2012 by Audra Martin D'Aroma
73Parks of Galveston County2012 by Tom Linton
74Old Red2012 by Heather Green Wooten
75Beyond the Beaten Paths2012 by Jan Johnson
76Juneteenth2012 by Julie Murray
77Born on the Island2012 by Eugene Aubry
78Murder at the Galvez2012 by Kathleen Kaska
79Because of the Camels2012 by Brenda Blair
80The Island Garden2012 by Jan Brick
81The Thing with Willie2012 by Karen Sagstetter
82The Ship That Would Not Die2011 by Stephen Curley
83Rudder: From Leader to Legend2011 by Thomas M. Hatfield
84Gaido's Famous Seafood Restaurant2011 by Tanis Westbrook
85The Crossley ID Guide2011 by Richard Crossley
86A Light Went Out2011 by Sister Elizabeth Webster
87The Texas City Century 1911-20112011 by Staff of the Galveston Daily News
88Campeche2011 by Joshua Edwards
89East End Edibles2011 by Jane Chapin
90The Night Owl2011 by Christie Mitchell
91Flagship Murders2011 by Diane L. Twilley
92Assassination In Galveston2011 by A. Hardy Roper
93Echoes of the Storm2011 by Amanda Albright Still
94Going Back to Galveston2011 by M. Jimmie Killingsworth
95Alex and the New Shell2011 by Daralyn Brody
96Galveston Collaged2011 by Jennifer Peck
97Surviving the Galveston Hurricane2011 by Jo Cleland
98Dark Water Rising2010 by Marian Hale
99Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Western North America2010 by Roger Tory Peterson
100Texas Ghosts2010 by Olive Hallmark Abbott
101Infinite Monster2010 by Leigh Jones
102Coastal Impressions2010 by Irene Amiet Quiroga
103The Great Storm: The Hurricane Diary of J. T. King2010 by Lisa Waller Rogers
104Filibusters, Pirates & Privateers2010 by Jean L. Epperson
105Hotel Galvez - Queen of the Gulf2010 by Gary Cartwright
106Galveston: A Novel2010 by Nic Pizzolatto
107Winds Over Bolivar2010 by Brenda Cannon Henley
108Torpedoes in the Gulf2010 by Melanie Wiggins
109My Life & Times on the Floating G2010 by Barry J. Kirk
110Kidnapped by Pirates2010 by Evelyn Gill Hilton
111Annabelle and the Great Hurricane2010 by Evelyn Gill Hilton
112The Moodys of Galveston2010 by Henry Wiencek
113Culinary Classics from Beachside to Boardwalk2010 by Erin Kearney Conrad
114Galveston's Historic Downtown and Strand District2010 by Denise Alexander
115Lost Galveston2010 by Brian M. Davis
116Texas Coast Damaged by Hurricane Ike2009 by Tommy Triplett
117Hurricane IKE: A Survivor's Narration2009 by Elaine Strom
118The Prostitutes of Post Office Street2009 by Frank F. Carden
119Birds of Eastern North America2009 by Paul Sterry
120HIWI: Ike2009 by Molly Cumming
121Lost Spanish Towns2009 by Jean L. Epperson
122Storming Heaven2009 by Diane L. Twilley
123Happy Hour in Paradise2009 by Coral Beach
124After Ike2009 by Bryan Carlile
125Mardi Gras Marathon Murders2009 by Diane L. Twilley
126Hurricanes of the Gulf of Mexico2009 by Barry D. Keim
127Galveston's Oldest Residence2009 by Mary W. Remmers
128Birds of Western North America2009 by Paul Sterry
129The Galveston Era2009 by Earl Wesley Fornell
130Galveston's the Elissa2009 by Kurt D. Voss
131Fiction: A Novel2009 by Ara 13
132Walking Historic Galveston2009 by Jan Johnson
133Galveston: A City on Stilts2008 by Jodi Wright-Gidley
134Hurricane Ike2008 by Staff of the Houston Chronicle
135Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America2008 by Roger Tory Peterson
136Finding Birds2008 by Ted L. Eubanks
137Ike: Stories of the Storm2008 by Michael A. Smith
138A Weekend in September2008 by John Edward Weems
139My Life and Battles2007 by Jack Johnson
140The Garhole Bar2007 by A. Hardy Roper
141Biracial Unions on Galveston's Waterfront2007 by Clifford Farrington
142Seashells2007 by Josie Iselin
143Drawers & Booths2007 by Ara 13
144The Blood Notes of Peter Mallow2007 by Paul Boor
145The Alleys and Back Buildings of Galveston2007 by Ellen Beasley
146Surviving Rita2006 by Thomas B. Shearman III
147The Great Galveston Disaster2006 by Paul Lester
148Galveston Rose2005 by Mary Powell
149Aggies by the Sea2005 by Stephen Curley
150The Pirates Laffite2005 by William C. Davis
151Island of Color2005 by Izola Ethel Fedford Collins
152Galveston Bay (Gulf Coast Studies)2005 by Sally E. Antrobus
153Surge2004 by Rod Tanner
154Unforgivable Blackness2004 by Geoffrey C. Ward
155Murdered Judges of the Twentieth Century2004 by Susan P. Baker
156Heart of Divorce: Advice from a Judge2004 by Susan P. Baker
157Hurricane: A Novel2004 by Janice A. Thompson
158The Fight of the Century2004 by Thomas R. Hietala
159City on Fire2003 by Bill Minutaglio
160The Butterflies of Galveston County2003 by Alcestis Cooky Oberg
161Galveston's Summer of the Storm2003 by Julie Lake
162Saving Lives, Training Caregivers, Making Discoveries2003 by Chester R. Burns
163Isle of Misfortune2003 by Geoffrey Leavenworth
164Mythic Galveston2002 by Susan Wiley Hardwick
165Shells2002 by S. Peter Dance
166Galveston2002 by P. G. Nagle
167Portrait of Galveston Island2002 by Mary W. Remmers
168Galveston2001 by Sean Stewart
169Clayton's Galveston2000 by Barrie Scardino
170The Sibley Guide to Birds2000 by David Allen Sibley
171Galveston2000 by David G. McComb
172The Windows of Heaven2000 by Ron Rozelle
173Isaac's Storm2000 by Erik Larson
174Born on the Island2000 by Linda S. Bingham
175A Century of Galveston Weather2000 by Stan Blazyk
176They Made Their Own Law2000 by Melanie Wiggins
177Galveston2000 by Gini Fendler-Brown
178Galveston and the 1900 Storm2000 by Patricia Bellis Bixel
179Bill Cherry's Galveston Memories2000 by Bill Cherry
180Through a Night of Horrors2000 by Casey Edward Greene
181Galveston Cats2000 by Davis Many Voices
182When the Heavens Frowned2000 by Joseph L. Cline
183Story of the 1900 Galveston Hurricane2000 by Nathan C. Green
184The Big Blow2000 by Joe R. Lansdale
185Ghosts of Galveston1999 by Rich Spethman
186Isaac's Storm1999 by Erik Larson
187The Corner Store1999 by Ellen Beasley
188Wildlife of Galveston1999 by Jim Stevenson
189All Our Yesterdays Volume II1999 by Kate de Medeiros
190Terror from the Gulf1999 by Martha Tannery Jones
191The Galveston That Was1999 by Howard Barnstone
192Tracks to the Sea1999 by Earle B. Young
193Storms, Floods and Sunshine1999 by Isaac Cline
194Galveston Brewing Company1999 by Ralph Walter Stenzel
195Galveston1998 by Gail Drago
196Battle on the Bay1998 by Edward T. Cotham
197Cottonclads!1998 by Donald S. Frazier
198Ghosts Along the Texas Coast1998 by Docia Schultz Williams
199Galveston: A History of the Island1998 by Gary Cartwright
200Sailing Ship Elissa1998 by Patricia Bellis Bixel
201Galveston: A Complete Guide1998 by VanJus Press
202A Glance Back1998 by Margy Kelso
203Best Tales of Texas Ghosts1998 by Docia Schultz Williams
204Tidelines1998 by Nancy Milnor
205Going Down the Line1997 by Mary W. Remmers
206Women, Culture, and Community1997 by Elizabeth Hayes Turner
207Henry Cohen1997 by Jimmy Kessler
208Galveston and the Great West1997 by Earle B. Young
209Murder Takes a Break1997 by Bill Crider
210Classic Cars1997 by David Taylor
211Galveston as a Tourist City1997 by David G. McComb
212Galveston Island of Chance1997 by Frank E. Chalfant
213All Our Yesterdays Volume I1997 by Kate de Medeiros
214Jean Laffite: Prince of Pirates1996 by Jack C. Ramsay
215Galveston: A Special Place1996 by Norma Turner
216Galveston Architecture Guidebook1996 by Ellen Beasley
217The Prairie Chicken Kill1996 by Bill Crider
218The Handbook On Oleanders1996 by Mary Ellen Eggenberger
219Norris Wright Cuney: A Tribune of the Black People1995 by Maud Cuney-Hare
220Ashton Villa Weddings1995 by Jane Young
221Grace Episcopal Church1995 by Rev. R. L. Benson
222Historical Vignettes of Galveston Bay1995 by Jean L. Epperson
223When Old Men Die1994 by Bill Crider
224Discovering Galveston County's Past II1994 by Harrold K. Henck
225Cook Book1994 by Sallie Anderson
226Ray Miller's Galveston1993 by Ray Miller
227Ray Miller's Galveston1993 by Ray Miller
228Images of Galveston County1992 by Harrold K. Henck
229Gator Kill1992 by Bill Crider
230A Fascinating Voyage on the Bolivar Ferry1992 by A. Pat Daniels
231Pioneers of West Galveston1992 by Roberta Marie Christensen
232Oleanders1991 by Barry Comeaux
233They Made Their Own Law1991 by Melanie Wiggins
234A History of Ashton Villa1991 by Kenneth Hafertepe
235Dead on the Island1991 by Bill Crider
236November 12, 18501991 by John Morgan Kirksey
237Galveston: A History of the Island1991 by Gary Cartwright
238Oleander Odyssey1990 by Harold M. Hyman
239The Landscape of Civilisation1989 by Geoffrey Jellicoe
240The Battle of Galveston1989 by Tom Townsend
241Cartographic Sources in the Rosenberg Library1988 by Henry G. Taliaferro
242A Weekend in September1988 by John Edward Weems
243Lest We Forget1988 by Jane Pinckard
244Disaster at Texas City1987 by Ron Stone
245Galveston: A History1986 by David G. McComb
246Stranger in a Strange Land1986 by Mary Cole Farrow Long
247Rare Collection1985 by Sue Langston
248Historic Galveston1985 by Richard Payne
249Bob's Reader1985 by Robert A. Nesbitt
250Bolivar! Gulf Coast Peninsula1985 by A. Pat Daniels
251Walking Guide Strand1984 by Linda Shell
252Galveston: Ellis Island of the West1984 by Bernard Marinbach
253Galveston: A Different Place1983 by Virginia Eisenhour
254Treasures of a Golden Isle1983 by Kris Cohen
255Ray Miller's Galveston1983 by Ray Miller
256Ashbel Smith of Texas1982 by Elizabeth Silverthorne
257League City1982 by Judy Warco
258Explosion: The Day Texas City Died1980 by Walter Brough
259The Galveston Island Cookbook1980 by The Women of Trinity Episcopal Church
260A Weekend in September1980 by John Edward Weems
261Galveston: The Island City1978 by League of Women Voters of Galveston
262Custodians of the Coast1977 by Lynn M. Alperin
263The Treasures of Galveston Bay1977 by Carroll Lewis
264Galveston1976 by Suzanne Morris
265Julius Stockfleth1976 by James Patrick McGuire
266Mary Clifford Lazzari Paints Victorian Galveston1975 by Mary Clifford Lazzari
267Grace Episcopal Church1974 by J. Jerald Johnston
268Galveston: History of the Island and the City1974 by Charles W. Hayes
269The Legend of Nicholas Clayton1974 by Robert A. Nesbitt
270Karankaway Country1974 by Roy Bedichek
271Mosshaven1973 by Sibyl Hancock
272The Strand of Galveston1973 by Virginia Eisenhour
273Death From the Sea1972 by Herbert Molloy Mason
274The Evolution of an Early Texas Union1971 by James V. Reese
275Builders by the Sea1971 by S. M. Johnston
276Prize Winning Recipes1969 by Mike Kalil
277The Galveston That Was1966 by Howard Barnstone
278A Guide to Historic Galveston1966 by Douglas R. Zwiener
279Henry Cohen: Messenger of the Lord1963 by A. Stanley Dreyfus
280Galveston Island Journal of Sheridan1954 by Francis C. Sheridan
281A Tree is a Tree1953 by King Vidor
282Diocese of Galveston: Centennial 1847-19471947 by Catholic Youth Organization
283When the Heavens Frowned1946 by Joseph L. Cline
284History of Galveston Texas1931 by S. C. Griffin
285Lafitte the Pirate1930 by Lyle Saxon
286Early History of Galveston1916 by Dr. J. O. Dyer
287The Story of the Galveston Hurricane1900 by Nathan C. Green
288The Great Galveston Disaster1900 by Paul Lester
289Galveston: Horrors of a Stricken City1900 by Murat Halstead
290Galveston in Nineteen Hundred1900 by Clarence Ousley
291The Complete Story of the Galveston Horror1900 by John Coulter
292The Galveston Flood1900 by Paul Lester
293Yellow Dog Democrats' Cookbook---- by Committee Members
294Galveston's 1900 Storm---- by Keitha Macdonald
295Christmas at Historic Ashton Villa---- by Larry Patton