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The Galveston-Houston Packet: Steamboats on Buffalo Bayou

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Author: Andrew W. Hall
Published: 2012, History Press, US (First Edition)
Binding: Trade Paperback
Content: Nonfiction
Description: Many imagine the settlement of the American West as signaled by the dust of the wagon train or the whistle of a locomotive. During the middle decades of the nineteenth century, though, the growth of Texas and points west centered on the seventy-mile water route between Galveston and Houston. This single vital link stood between the agricultural riches of the interior and the mercantile enterprises of the coast, with a round of operations that was as sophisticated and efficient as that of any large transport network today. 144 pages.
ISBN: 1609495918
ISBN-13: 978-1609495916
Tags: History, Houston, Local Authors, Nautical
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